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Aurec Real Estate is the property investment arm of Aurec Capital. Founded in the 1960s, Aurec Capital is an entrepreneurial single family office headquartered in Israel with overseas offices in New York and in Berlin. Over the years Aurec Capital has founded and invested in a number of businesses across sectors, including TMT, insurance, infrastructure, and venture capital.

Aurec Real Estate is invested in properties in several countries in Europe and in the United States. Its portfolio includes office, retail, and residential assets.

Real Estate Strategy

Aurec Capital acquires real estate properties across asset classes and risk profiles with compelling long-term fundamentals. The group is actively seeking to increase its portfolio in Europe, with a particular focus on Germany and other selected markets.

Aurec has two distinct acquisition profiles. The first relates to properties which will be wholly owned by the principals of the family office. The second relates to those properties which Aurec acquires alongside institutional partners as part of equity consortia. In such transactions, Aurec typically acts as the general partner of the consortium and as the sole point of contact to the vendor and to the vendor’s advisors. Aurec’s institutional partners include pension funds and insurance companies.

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Aurec maintains close contacts to the leading brokerage houses, vendors, and other market participants providing access to off-market and structured sales processes.

Business Planning

Aurec performs bottom-up analyses of investment opportunities, requiring an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the local market, the expected rental/selling dynamics, and the required costs of re-leasing/maintaining/managing the asset.

Due Diligence

Aurec manages acquisition due diligence processes and engages third-party service providers to identify the risks and mitigants associated with its property investment activities. Aurec’s service providers are leading advisors in their field with established track records in their local market and experience in serving international institutional investors. Aurec produces robust business plans for its investments with the aim of generating credible profitability and cashflow forecasts.


Aurec has a demonstrated track record in identifying and implementing efficient acquisition structures. These include complex, cross-border transaction structures alongside intuitional equity partners.


Aurec has a track record of closing acquisitions in short periods of time, both through ‘asset deals’ and through ‘share deals’.

Debt Financing

Aurec has the ability to take both levered and unlevered equity positions in real estate assets, depending on the nature of the underlying asset. For levered transactions Aurec relies on established relationships with leading local banks to source attractive and sustainable debt terms.

Asset Management

Aurec takes an active, hands-on approach to the asset management of its portfolio properties aimed at maintaining and growing the long-term value of the underlying real estate. Aurec maintains an in-house asset management team with the ability to oversee complex capital expenditure projects, re-letting activities, and other value-enhancing projects.

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Berlin-Friedrichshain (MUG)
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Berlin-Kreuzberg (MIT)
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Berlin-Moabit (EMD)
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Bürohaus Bockenheimer Warte
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Eschborn Plaza
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Gothaer Konzernzentrale
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Bockenheimer Warte
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Toom Baumarkt
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One South Broad
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Atlanta Office Portfolio
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InCity Residential Development
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Mokka Residential Development
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Vista Residential Development
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Aurec House
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Golden-Pages House
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UJ Buda Center
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Aurec Real Estate Europe GmbH

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10623 Berlin, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 30 69 200 10 10
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Global offices

Golden Arc, Inc. 655 Third Avenue, 21st floor New York, NY 10017

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